The Chambers at the Waterside Arts Centre.

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What is Sallow Tree Concerts?

Sallow Tree Concerts is a professional concert series based in Sale, Cheshire, about 5 miles south of Manchester City Centre. It was started by local professional musician, Cheryl Law, to provide local people access to world-class musicians in their town, and to provide a concert platform for local and visiting artists. Inspired by the vibrant and varied concert series which takes place at the Banff Centre in Canada (where Cheryl has visited many times), Cheryl strives to put on about 10 concerts a year, all different in style and genre, but always of the highest standard.

What is Chamber Music?

Chamber Music is traditionally the music of friends - it used to take place in people’s houses, often small private affairs. It normally is a small group of musicians, such as a quartet, quintet or octet, and traditionally it is also a small audience, which is what gives it is reputation of an “intimate concert”. All our concerts are informal in atmosphere. We encourage our musicians to chat to the audience during the concert, and we encourage the audience to chat to the musicians in the interval and after the concert, when you can often find the musicians in the bar! Not all our concerts include Chamber Music, but a lot of them do.

Where does it take place?

Nearly all our concerts take place in The Chambers, Waterside Arts Centre. This is a beautiful wood-panelled room, decorated in the Art-deco style, which is part of the old Sale Town Hall. It used to be used for the Council meetings to take place and you can still see the viewing balcony. This room is ideal for chamber music, it has good acoustics and is small enough that everyone can see. The Waterside itself is fully DDA-compliant and has a lift and a ramp. There is a multi-story car park opposite and Sale Metrolink is opposite.

When did it start?

Our first concert took place in September 2010, with nine local professional musicians from the BBC Philharmonic, Halle and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert included Mozart Clarinet Quintet and Mendlessohn Octet. The excitement in the packed room fuelled us to continue with our series and we soon found a loyal following in Sale.

Who is Cheryl Law?

Cheryl Law is a professional musician who lives in Sale and freelances with BBC Philharmonic, Halle, RLPO, plays in two quartets and has recorded and toured with pop stars such as Sting and Rod Stewart. She has spent much time travelling the world participating in masterclasses and lessons, and on her travels has met many musicians and artists of all genres and nationalities. She is interested in all sorts of music, from classical, to folk, contemporary improvisation, jazz and latin. She is passionate about involving audiences in concerts, believing them to be as important as the performers.  She also believes that even people who think that concerts are not for them would be excited to be in some of the environments she has been lucky enough to experience and is determined to give people the opportunity to experience this first hand.

Can I get involved?

Yes! Please do! Running a concert series is a mammoth task, and there are always things you can help us with. With the incredible support of six wonderful committed and passionate members of our audience Sallow Tree Concerts will soon have a Friends Group, where people can volunteer their time, money, or just their support to help us in our concert series. We always welcome help with:

helping us get new audience, giving out flyers, putting up posters, publicising in any way, front of house (selling programmes, recruiting new friends etc), secretarial tasks, writing programme notes, searching for funding etc etc.

How is it funded?

Very few concert series can fund themselves through ticket sales alone. The costs of running a concert series are much more than you might imagine: venue hire, printing, insurance, piano hire, musicians fees, etc. Sallow Tree Concerts is lucky to have been helped along the way by Sale Mayoral Fund and the Lauriston Trust and has also been helped in kind by Forsyths and British Film Institute, and musicians who have helped us by giving us special rates. We are constantly looking for funding and sponsorship and if this is something you could help us with we are waiting to hear from you!

What is the future of Sallow Tree?

We are excited even thinking about it! We hope the future is many years of high-quality concerts taking place right in the centre of our town, and we hope that in the future the name Sallow Tree and the town of Sale will be well-known amongst international musicians.